A Letter from Ashley Black, Inventor of the FasciaBlaster

Hello FasciaBlaster Nation!

Many of you have expressed concerns for me and my family over lawsuits that are posted on the internet. This is my personal statement to my loyal followers so that you all will know that I am okay. 

The first lawsuit is a class action. Every major company has had multiple class action attempts (Google “Amazon class actions” and you’ll see what I mean). These suits are extremely expensive, but I am stepping up to defend my products and my reputation.  What I want people to know is that I am a family owned and operated business, not a big corporation, and this has deeply affected my ability to produce new products and conduct more research, which I think is a shame. 

I think baseless lawsuits are at the heart of the problems in this country. If I thought our products were hurting people, I would step up and be the first to warn my customers. Oddly enough, the lawyers must realize that they have no real evidence of injury because they are changing their claims to state that the FasciaBlaster® doesn’t work and that I don’t have evidence to support it. 

I stand by my products and I have scientific evidence and thousands and thousands of  stories from each of you to support them. So thank you for your endless love and support as I am awaiting my chance to have the truth revealed!

The second case is quite disturbing to me, because it leads me to believe that there is a suppressive effort by someone or something much more powerful. I actually filed the case after months of false reports of injuries, personal attacks, hate groups, and death threats that I tried to ignore, including a post that called me a murderer of unborn children along with a shockingly graphic photograph. As a mother and someone who cares deeply for my customers, I had to try to put a stop to the craziness. 

Reluctantly, I filed a lawsuit hoping to stop the unjustified attacks against the Ashley Black Guru brand. Surprisingly, the suit was defended by a high profile, notorious lawyer, which leaves me wondering who may be trying to suppress this science and products that people desperately need. We lost the case (meaning the judge said we could not sue her), however not on merit. It was unjust and unfair, and I am appealing it.

Despite these unfortunate occurrences, I will continue with my mission of bringing the knowledge and science of fascia to the masses and empowering people to heal themselves and find solutions for their health and beauty. I believe the science of fascia has been suppressed throughout the centuries, and it’s my life’s purpose to bring this life-changing information to the masses and give them the tools that will help them change their health trajectory. 

I also want to be the voice of business owners who have been the victim of cyberbullying and internet harassment. I plan to lobby to improve the enforcement of the cyber laws that are already in place, fight for legislation that allows for injunctive relief for businesses with “neutral platforms” such as Yelp, Facebook and Ripoff Report, fight for the tighter internet monitoring and hopefully create a culture where illegal activities on the internet are no more tolerable than they are in person. I need your help!

I deeply appreciate every one of our users and hope you’ll join us in creating the tidal wave that will change the world with this new approach to health and wellness! #BeTheMovement

I hope this answers your questions, but if you have any other questions or concerns for me or my team, please message us via the Ashley Black Guru Facebook page inbox, or fill out the contact form below.

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